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National Eating Disorders Strategy 2023-2033

National Eating Disorders Strategy 2023-2033


The National Eating Disorders Strategy 2023-2033 was launched on 30 August 2023.  It articulates key components, standards and actions required to achieve an effective, equitable and coordinated system of care that meets the needs of people experiencing or at risk of eating disorders and their families, supports, and communities. It is a tool to help people at all levels and in all settings to work in a coordinated and sustained way to achieve a full and coordinated system of care for all.

The idea of system-building can feel abstracted or detached from people’s on-the-ground experiences, and so this webinar aims to support psychologists to understand their crucial role in building the system of care, whether or not they provide treatment for people experiencing eating disorders.

This presentation will provide an overview of the National Strategy, including its development, underpinnings, and actions. It will have a particular focus on the role of individuals (particularly psychologists), services and organisations in implementation and championing change in order to create meaningful difference in the lives of people impacted by eating disorders. 

The presenters will provide an overview of the structure of the National Strategy, before providing a focused discussion around the Standards and Actions relevant for psychologists. This will include practical examples of how this would be implemented within day-to-day clinical practice across the elements of the system of care: prevention, identification, initial response, treatment, psychosocial and recovery support, and workforce development.

Time will be provided for questions and exploration of collaboration and connections within the sector, including identifying required supports to empower psychologists to enact the actions outlined in the National Strategy.

Learning outcomes: 

  •  Understand what the National Eating Disorders Strategy is, how it was developed, its purpose, vision and plan for implementation
  • Understand the role of different stakeholders in activating and implementing the National Strategy, with a key focus on the role of psychologists 
  • Awareness of specific Standards and Actions relevant to psychologists, and how a psychologist might take steps to implement these in their day-to-day practice 
  • Knowledge of available supports for stakeholders in implementing the Strategy over the next ten years, including NEDC’s role, supporting resources, and evaluation


About our speakers:

Louise Dougherty is NEDC’s Strategy and Policy Lead,
and co-led the development of the National Eating Disorder Strategy 2023-2033. Louise has a Master of Public Health and has led applied public health research projects on systems change, with a particular focus on improving access to healthcare and reducing health inequities. Louise has lived experience of an eating disorder and is passionate about contributing to the development of an equitable and accessible system of care for the prevention and treatment of eating disorders for all Australians.

Dr Sarah Trobe is NEDC’s National Manager. Sarah is a Clinical Psychologist and has held clinical positions at the Royal Children’s Hospital and private practice as well as working with The Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders (CEED) with a focus on service development, case consultation, multidisciplinary care coordination, and education and training provision. Sarah’s interests lie in the link between physical health and mental health and current care structures in this field, and she is passionate about setting up strong treatment networks and systems across the country. Sarah works across NEDC's projects, including the Professional Development Package program, NEDC Training Approvals, eLearning, National Strategy, communications, and other workforce development initiatives.

Webinar timing:  1:00 – 2:00 PM AEDT

Access to the recording of this webinar: A recording of this webinar will be available through the CPD Webinar Library, but for the best experience and the opportunity to ask your questions, join us live. Everyone who registers will be advised via email as soon as the recording is available.

Thursday, 30 November 2023
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm (AEDT)
$0 - $30
1 CPD Points