Together in unity we are stronger.

We advocate for one Medicare rebate for the clients of all psychologists at a level not less than the existing higher rebate.

We represent the interests of all psychologists and their clients equally to government and funding bodies.

We seek to improve access and equity to psychology services by removing barriers to effective treatment.

We provide unity via community, inclusion, advocacy and support for our diverse range of psychologists.

We affirm there are no specialist psychologists only subfields of psychological practice.

We believe AoPE's are divisive and unnecessary and should be discontinued by the PsyBA.


Promoting and honouring the rich diversity of psychology practice in Australia.

We believe psychology is a profession capable of supporting a variety of pathways to registration.

We believe diversity of psychological practice is essential to support the varied needs of the Australian public.

We believe diversity in psychological practice promotes greater client choice and improved therapeutic outcomes.

We strive to challenge the systemic inequities in the mental health sector that impact upon psychologists and their clients.

We respect and celebrate the diversity of knowledge and experience out colleagues have, whatever their pathway to registration, and with the vast array of professional development undertaken in their careers.


Promoting and honouring the rights of all members to equal representation, rights and privileges.

We are member led and regularly consult with our members.

We abide by our constitution and have an elected board of representatives.

We encourage active membership to achieve out goals together.

We strive to be responsive, open and transparent in all our dealings with members.

All AAPi members are equal, regardless of their pathway to registration. All members are listened to and respected. We are one community.