Our Guiding Principles

AAPi has a clear mission to represent all psychologists in Australia. We are working hard to increase access to the vital mental health services psychologists provide and to increase the funding and support necessary to make this happen. 

The Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (AAPi) supports:

  1. A single Medicare rebate for the clients of all registered psychologists who are receiving mental health treatment services under Better Access at a level not less than the existing higher rebate.
  2. The view that Medicare rebates for psychological services are for the benefit of clients only and are not a reward for the registration pathway psychologists have undertaken.
  3. The view that psychology registration is an unrestricted license to practice across the full range of mental health disorders from mild to severe and complex.
  4. The view that psychology is a profession capable of supporting a variety of pathways to registration.
  5. The discontinuation of the false distinction between Psychological Therapy and Focused Psychological Strategies under the Medicare system. All registered psychologists are capable of providing Psychological Therapy within the limits of their competence.
  6. The view that diversity of psychological practice is essential to the psychology workforce to support the varied needs of the Australian public.
  7. The view that psychology is a specialist discipline. There are no specialist psychologists only subfields of psychological practice.
  8. The discontinuation of Areas of Practice Endorsement by the Psychology Board of Australia as a legal mechanism separate from registration.
  9. The view that Area of Practice Endorsement should not serve as a restriction to the employment or promotion of registered psychologists.
  10. The view that Area of Practice Endorsement should not be used by organisations to reject psychological assessments and reports for which registered psychologists have been trained.
  11. The view that financial remuneration in employment contracts should not discriminate between registered psychologists and those with an Area of Practice Endorsement.
  12. The clients right to choose the psychologist who best meets their needs.