AAPi and Insurance House celebrate 10 years by formalising a mutually beneficial partnership

AAPi and insurance broker Insurance House are celebrating close to 10 years of working together by formalising their partnership.

Members will now be able purchase their Medical Malpractice insurance cover directly from the AAPi website. AAPi President Anne Marie Collins says, “We are satisfied that Insurance House offers our members great value for money based on the exceptional quality of their services.”

The AHRPA-compliant package Insurance House provides includes nil excess on all claims and a 24/7 online portal for members to track their claims progress.

As a bonus, the Insurance House package includes access to a legal hotline where an insured member can access 30 minutes of legal advice at no charge to discuss matters unrelated to a claim or their policy. Insurance House is also offering AAPi student members an insurance policy at no cost until they are qualified.

The new arrangement lays the foundation for additional benefits for members in the future, including discounts on nib health insurance, marketing resources via Insurance House’s marketing partner Green Hat as well as access to the broader range of products available via Insurance House.

Why insurance is so important to psychologists

Apart from being a requirement of registration to practice, Anne Marie says that Medical Malpractice insurance is essential for practitioners. “We’re dealing with relatively complex issues – people with mental health issues whose thinking is not always on track. In the process, there is room for misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Family members of patients often get an incorrect version.”

“Psychologists typically come to the profession because they are caring people. So, when complaints come in from patients or their relatives, it can be extremely stressful personally. Apart from ethical considerations, any questions should be addressed by those with medico-legal expertise. That’s why we recommend your insurer is your first port of call.”

Anne Marie is aware a number of AAPi members who have drawn comfort from Insurance House at a difficult time and has received excellent feedback on their helpdesk. “For years now, members have been telling each other that they’re a good firm to deal with when you need advice or access their legal services quickly.”

She says “From my own personal experience, I found the Insurance House Customer Support Team very responsive and supportive. I told them my story and I got action. I could not fault their communications throughout the issue I faced.”

Way back when

Anne Marie says that the relationship with Insurance House began almost from AAPi’s inception in 2010. “We began as a group of passionate grassroots professionals, many of us working in rural and regional areas. Insurance House also began as a regional company, so there was a cultural affinity.”

“At the time we linked up, Insurance House didn’t offer a Medical Malpractice insurance policy,” Anne Maria says. “But they started to provide one to support AAPi members and offered a very attractive rate without any formal agreement.”

The word has spread about the level of support Insurance House provides in a crisis and, despite no formal agreement, the majority of AAPi members have their policy with the firm. Anne Marie says that, for a long time, the AAPi Advisory Service has been recommending members contact them if they are unsure of their legal position in relation to their practice. 

Both organisations have taken a similar growth trajectory over the past decade. “It’s been an organic partnership,” Anne Marie says, “founded on good understanding. At the start it was a perfect match and has been mutually beneficial over the years. Given the historic links, I’m very glad we’re now formalising the relationship.”