ACT COVID-19 Update

Posted on 27 September 2021
By Tegan Carrison, Executive Director, AAPi

The ACT Government has released their pathway forward. Chief Minister Barr has indicated that the lockdown will end on October 14 at 11:59pm, if the public health risk remains stable over next two weeks. There will be some minor easing of restriction from 1 October.

 ACT school students will return to the classroom next term. Year 11 and 12 students will have a staggered return in the first three weeks of term 4. Preschool, kindergarten and years 1,2,6,9 and 10 will return on 25 October. The remaining year levels will return from November 1.

We will keep you updated when restrictions for health care eases and provide further information on re-opening safely.

You can find the full pathway here.