Association Update-2019 Summary

2019 has been an exceptional year for AAPi. Hallmarks have been:

  • Growth in membership- AAPi has surpassed expectations and dramatically boosted our membership base.
  • New Legal Team- Engagement of new legal team with expertise in health regulation.
  • Advocacy and media coverage- Extensive advocacy for AAPi members, employment of a professional lobbyist and expanded media coverage.
  • Key Partnerships- Partnerships and meetings with government and health industry leaders including the PsyBA, the minister for health, the MBS review taskforce and DHHS.
  • New logo and website- Updated, professional logo and website. Further boosting engagement and membership.

Plans for 2020

  • AAPi is member led and always will be.
  • Providing support and advocacy for our members.
  • Survey of members to ensure we are meeting our members needs.
  • Full strategic planning process.
  • We will drive efficiencies through refinement of processes.
  • Identify process inefficiencies to improve delivery internally and externally.
  • Take a systems approach and improve all facets of AAPi functioning.
  • Massive improvements to our website.
  • Legal strategy with PGC Legal.
  • Partnering with key bodies such as NEDC and allied health.
  • Political Lobbying and marketing execution.
  • Clear action on the things that matter most to our members.