WA COVID-19 Update

Posted on 1 February 2021
By Tegan Carrison, Executive Director, AAPi

WA COVID-19 Update 1 February 2021


Information for psychologists in the Perth and surrounds 5 day COVID-19 Lockdown:

We spoke with WA Department of Health this morning and the advice for psychology is as follows:

  • For the lockdown period please us telehealth where possible

  • Face to Face only if necessary (use your clinical judgment for what is necessary)

  • Masks are mandatory

  • Please ensure social distancing and good hygiene

Keep an eye on https://www.healthywa.wa.gov.au/coronavirus for any changes.

General information:

From 6.00pm today Sunday 31 January until 6.00pm Friday 5 February, the Perth metropolitan area, Peel and South West regions will go into a five day lockdown. People should not leave these regions during this time.

This is following a hotel quarantine worker in the Perth CBD being diagnosed with COVID-19.

During this five day lockdown, you can only leave your house for essential reasons. These reasons are:
 Work (if it is not possible to work from home)
 Shopping to buy essential items or obtain medical services
 To offer care to a vulnerable or disabled person, and for compassionate reasons
 Exercise with no more than one other person

You must wear a mask outside your house at all times, including when working indoors and travelling on public transport.

The following businesses, venues and locations will be required to close in the Perth/Peel and South West regions:
 Pubs, bars and clubs
 Gyms and indoor sporting venues
 Playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor recreational facilities
 Cinemas, entertainment venues, and casinos
 Large religious gatherings and places of worship 
 Libraries and cultural institutions

The following restrictions will also be in place:
 Restaurants and cafes will close, and provide takeaway service only.
 10 people can attend funerals, weddings are cancelled for the next five days.
 No visitors are permitted to your home, unless caring for someone vulnerable or an emergency. 
 No visitors will be allowed in aged care homes, unless exceptional circumstances.
 No visitors to hospitals and/or disability facilities, unless exceptional circumstances.
 Elective surgery and procedures for categories 2 and 3 will be suspended from Tuesday, 2 February. Category 1 and urgent category 2 surgery will continue
 Schools and other educational facilities will return on Monday 8 February – following the lockdown measures.

 Take care and reach out if we can be of further assistance.