Media Summary

Posted on 20 September 2021
By Tegan Carrison, Executive Director, AAPi

The Age

This week AAPi was featured in The Age welcoming the extra mental health care funding from the Victorian Government. We also highlighted the workforce shortages and called on the Federal Government to invest further in mental health care. Here is the excerpt from the article:

Executive director of the Australian Association of Psychologists Tegan Carrison said the hubs were a good idea, but it would be difficult to find staff to run them given the “extreme” workforce shortage. Both she and Mental Health Victoria chief executive Gus Clelland called on the Morrison government to support Victoria’s investment in a time of crisis.

“Where are the 90 additional staff going to come from?” Ms Carrison asked. “Waiting lists are growing by the day, with many people waiting months to see a psychologist.”

ABC Radio

AAPi was featured on the ABC radio program 'The World Today' discussing the disability support pension (DSP), a client of an AAPi member was also interviewed. The clients application for the disability support pension was declined because the report was completed by a psychologist without clinical endorsement. The clientwas supported to get a letter from a clinical psychologist but was again declined the DSP. The client was instructed that she would need to seek treatment from a clinical psychologist, rather than her existing psychologist.

You can listen to the interview hereThe story commences around 20 minutes into the program.

AAPi is deeply committed to improving access to clients as well representing all psychologists. As we have mentioned in previous newsletters AAPi has recently provided a submission and participated in a senate hearing regarding the DSP. AAPi is advocating for a fairer DSP process. Thank you to all of our members for your support so AAPi can continue to fight for the rights of clients and psychologists.

Sky News

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg appeared this week on Sky News advocating for a Medicare rebate for provisional psychologists to boost the psychology workforce and increased access for clients. Thank you for your continual advocacy Michael.

You can watch the recording here.