NSW Vaccine Mandate Telehealth Exemption      

Posted on 18 January 2022

The NSW Government has listened to advocacy efforts by creating an exemption that allows unvaccinated Stage 2 health care workers (including private practice psychologists) to continue to provide telehealth services. Please see the below information and full exemption details carefully. Essentially those who remain unvaccinated would need to work from home and provide no in person contact with clients. 

The exemption to the Public Health (COVID-19 Vaccination of Health Care Workers) Order (No 3) 2021 details that a Stage 2 health care worker is exempt from the vaccination obligations in the Order, but only to the extent that they:

    • provide health services with no physical contact with members of the community being provided with the service; and
    • provide that health service entirely from a place where there are no patients, clients and others accessing the health care onsite the premises.


Further information regarding the different stages of health care workers is available here: https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/covid-19/Pages/public-health-orders.aspx#hcw


Please reach out if you have any questions!