Changes to Open Arms Policies

Posted on 13 September 2021
By Tegan Carrison, Executive Director, AAPi

Open Arms providers are now able to see a minor (aged 5-17 years) for counselling without a parent or guardian present and without parental consent, if they are considered a mature minor (meets the legal criteria to provide consent/Gillick competent).  

Changes have also been made so psychologists no longer need prior approval for initial PTSD treatment 90 minute session. Accepted treatment methods for these sessions are; Trauma Focussed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TFCBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Prolonged Exposure (PE), and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR). The CAPS-5 has also been listed as the preferred outcome measure to be administered for these sessions.

Open Arms Providers are encouraged to review the Open Arms policy changes in full before implementing these in their practice. Find these here - What’s New | What’s Changed particularly 201 - 01 Services to Minors Procedure and 202-03/04 Conduct of 90 Minute Session Instruction (section 3 ).