PsychProfiler FREE in October 

Posted on 10 October 2021
By Tegan Carrison, Executive Director, AAPi

FREE use of the PsychProfiler v5 for October for AAPi Members


The PsychProfiler is a reliable and valid instrument that screens for the 20 most common psychiatric, psychological, & educational disorders in children & adults.

Oriented to DSM-5, the PsychProfiler provides an affordable instrument that can be used in the early identification of disorders crucial to formal diagnosis, intervention, and prevention of further mental health or educational problems.

The PsychProfiler is a paper-and-pencil test or can be done online simply using email as the mode of delivery with the fully completed report arriving in your Inbox.

The PsychProfiler has proven to be extremely beneficial to practitioners during these current lockdown periods where face-to-face consultations have been restricted. 

A recent (2020) validity study comparing the PsychProfiler to the CAARS, Conners3, BYI-II, BDI-II, BAI, and WIAT-III showed appropriate validity across all of the disorders.

The psychprofiler has been the most widely used Australian psychiatric / psychological / educational global screening instrument since 2004.


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Using the Free Multi-Use Licence:

1.   Navigate to and click on ‘Complete the PsychProfiler Now’

2.   Enter ECUFXD in the “Token Number/Licence Code” field and click the ‘Go’ button.

3.   On this screen, you will see how many assessment tokens your Licence has remaining. Click ‘Next’.

4.   Select the required Assessment (i.e., Child or Adult) and Assessment Type (i.e., Self, Parent, Teacher, Observer) and enter some simple details such as the name of the person to be assessed.

  •  Automatically deliver the hyperlink with embedded Token Number to the person that is to complete the assessment (e.g., the parent, teacher) by including their email address in the ‘Token Email Address’ entry field and again in the ‘Confirm Token Email Address’ entry field.
  •  Automatically have a PDF copy of the report delivered to your preferred destination by including the email address in the ‘Final Report Email Address’ and ‘Confirm Final Report Address’ entry fields.
  •  The check box for ‘No Results Displayed on Completion’ is activated automatically when you put in an email address for the report to be sent to. This stops the person completing the assessment form to be able to view the results.
  •  Enter the Administrator’s Full Name into the respective entry field. Note, this is a mandatory field*. 
  • Tick the ‘PsychProfiler Data Privacy Policy’ checkbox and click ‘Next’.

5.   A ‘Thank you’ screen will appear indicating that the Token Number to access the questionnaire has been successfully emailed to the intended recipient, and details of the assessment have been emailed to the Administrator. Make a note of the Token number for safekeeping. Close the webpage if finished.