Queensland COVID-19 Update  

Posted on 2 November 2022

On 31 October at 11.59pm the declared public health emergency for COVID-19 in Queensland ended. With this came the expiry of all existing public health directions. To assist with the transition, Queensland's Chief Health officer has shared the below information. You can find Dr John Gerrard’s letter here for further information.

Revocation of mandatory mask and vaccination directions

As stated above, all public health directions have been revoked. This now leaves individual allied health practices/employers to make their own decisions about appropriate infection protection and control measures. The traffic light system recommends that community members wear a mask when asked to do so and this messaging will be reinforced by the Queensland Government. 

The traffic light system

Queensland Health has developed a traffic light system that includes advice based on risk level. The initial traffic light advice is green. Find out more about the traffic light system here.

Infection prevention and control guidance (including PPE advice)

Queensland Health has developed a guide for acute and non-acute healthcare settings filled with recommendations regarding preventing infection and keeping staff and clients safe. You can access the guide here.

Workplace health and safety

As we have discussed previously, the revocation of public health directions puts the responsibilities of maintaining a safe workplace back to the employers and individuals. If you need assistance in developing your own workplace guidelines, please reach out to AAPi’s HR partner WorkPlacePLUS.