Queensland PPE Recommendations and Reporting RAT Results

Posted on 8 January 2022

Report Rapid Antigen Tests 

The Queensland Government has established a mechanism for reporting positive Rapid Antigen Tests. Further information is available here.

PPE Update

Queensland Health has provided further advice on escalated use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Queensland Health has increased the community risk rating of COVID-19 to high risk for much of Southeast Queensland. The increased risk rating corresponds with an escalation of Personal Protective Equipment Guidance.

These precautions are intended to limit the further spread of COVID-19. This advice follows on from previous advice from 17 December 2021 that all LGAs in the state are at moderate PPE.

 Locations deemed high risk include West Moreton, Gold Coast, Scenic Rim, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Metro North and South. We encourage all members to visit the Qld Health PPE website to understand the risk rating and requirements of your location and setting.

The recommended PPE to be used when working with clients face-to-face for both high and moderate risk LGA (all of Queensland) includes a surgical mask and protective eyewear (face shield or googles) when unable to maintain a distance of more than 1.5m. Staff who work at more than one facility are recommended to wear a surgical mask, protective eyewear and a gown or apron (or change clothes after an in person session). Detailed information is available here.

Face masks are mandatory for clients, psychologists and other staff unless a valid exemption applies. 

Please note, Queensland Health facilities, residential aged care facilities, corrections, and disability accommodation services are required to comply with the PPE Guidelines. Please discuss your PPE requirements with your employer or facility manager.

The overarching recommendation from the Queensland Government is to work from home where possible.

Further information can be obtained by contacting [email protected]