SIRA Update: Workplace Facilitated Discussion 

Posted on 11 October 2022

SIRA has issued guidance for the conduct of a new service introduced in January 2022 in the Workers Compensation Workplace Rehabilitation Provider Approval Framework.

Workplace facilitated discussions aim to resolve workplace relationship issues that may have arisen, and support workers to remain with their employer while they are recovering through work, by getting the parties together for discussion and agreement on a plan of action.

You may hear injured people discuss workplace facilitated discussion when receiving treatment. To assist with your understanding of this service SIRA has recently published information to promote uptake of workplace facilitated discussion.

Research has found that workplace discussion facilitated by a third party can help resolve relationship conflict and assist workers in returning to the workplace after an injury (McKenzie, 2012, ISCRR; Bingham 2004; Bingham and Novac, 2001; Brett, Barsness, & Goldberg, 1996). It is expected to be particularly helpful in psychological claims arising out of bullying, harassment, work pressure or interpersonal conflict.

SIRA will be evaluating the new service to understand its impacts on return to work outcomes.

If you have any enquiries about workplace facilitated discussion, additional information is available on the SIRA website or email [email protected] or call SIRA Customer Experience on 13 10 50