Victorian Booster Requirement

Posted on 11 January 2022

The Victorian Government has announced a number of changes to further protect our highest-risk health care and hospitality settings – and key workforces – from the risk of outbreaks and super-spreader events.

Under new pandemic orders coming into place at 11:59pm Wednesday 12 January 2022:

Vaccination Requirements in Key Sectors

Workers in key sectors who are already required to be fully vaccinated must get their third dose before being permitted to work onsite. This applies to workers in:

  • healthcare
  • aged care
  • disability services
  • emergency services
  • correctional facilities
  • quarantine accommodation
  • food distribution.

Workplaces must sight and record proof of vaccination.

Workers eligible for a third dose on or before Wednesday 12 January 2022 will have until Saturday 12 February 2022 to get their third dose. 

Workers not yet eligible for a third dose will be required to get it within three months and two weeks of the deadline to receiving their second mandatory dose.

This means:

  • residential aged care workers must receive their third dose by 1 March
  • disability, quarantine accommodation, correctional facilities, emergency services, and food distribution workers will need to receive their third dose by 12 March
  • health care workers must receive their third dose by 29 March.


You can find the order here.

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Information on updated COVIDSafe settings and third dose vaccination requirements will be published at when the orders come into effect at 11:59pm Wednesday 12 January 2022.