At AAPi, we are very aware that with the current cost of living crisis and two-tier system, people are doing it tough – this is why there will be no increase to our fees this year. We will continue offering incredible value for money, and as a not-for-profit, we invest all our resources back into supporting our members.

AAPi firmly supports and champions the significance and value of every psychologist. We act as a voice for our members and actively engage with stakeholders through continuous advocacy efforts, legal challenges, lobbying, submissions, inquiries, position statements, collaborative working groups, and consultations. We are the only psychology association working towards abolishing the two-tier system and promoting equal pay for equal work for all psychologists, where you choose to be a member matters.

2023 is a pivotal year for psychology. The Federal Government has committed to significant reforms for Medicare and has budgeted for specific changes to mental health care based on the Better Access evaluation and subsequent consultations.

AAPi is dedicated to championing the interests of our members and advocating for positive change in the psychology profession. Our priorities and direction for 2023 and beyond include the following:

  • Continued advocacy to raise the Medicare rebate to $150 for the clients of all psychologists and end all forms of discrimination based on endorsement status.
  • Continued advocacy to reverse the cuts to the Medicare-subsidised psychology sessions.
  • Continued advocacy towards allowing provisional psychologists to provide services under Medicare.
  • Continued advocacy towards boosting the number and type of university places available and increased funding subsidies.
  • Pursue and extend incentives available to rural and regional psychologists.
  • Launch of new and innovative experiences and services for members.

AAPi Update 

Posted on 22 May 2023