This week, AAPi is attending the "Future Directions for Mental Health Reform" symposium in Sydney. This critical gathering comes at a pivotal moment in the field of mental health, where transformative ideas and collaborative actions are more essential than ever.

As we delve deeply into the multi-dimensional aspects of mental health and wellbeing, the symposium will provide a platform for a comprehensive examination of both the obstacles and opportunities present in the current landscape. Leading experts, practitioners, and policymakers will come together to explore what it truly means to lead change and realise reform in a complex and ever-evolving environment.

AAPi's participation in this symposium signifies a commitment to join forces with various stakeholders, including government, academia, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community representatives, public and private sectors, and consumers. Together, this diverse collective aims to foster an atmosphere of open dialogue, critical thinking, and innovative problem-solving.

The collaborative approach extends beyond mere discussion, aiming to create tangible solutions and meaningful change. Workshops, panel discussions, keynote speeches, and interactive sessions will focus on topics such as early intervention, treatment accessibility, policy development, stigma reduction, and the integration of services across sectors.

By aligning with such a broad spectrum of professionals and advocates, AAPi seeks to contribute actively to a forward-thinking agenda, grounded in evidence-based practices and inclusive strategies. The ultimate goal is to reshape and invigorate the mental health system, ensuring that it meets the evolving needs of all individuals, regardless of background or circumstance.

AAPi's engagement in this significant event underscores the importance of collective action and the belief that, with collaboration and determination, we can craft a more compassionate, fair, equitable and effective mental health system for the future.

AAPi Update 

Posted on 7 August 2023