AAPi Director Sahra O'Doherty spoke about the cost of living impacts on mental health, the psychology session cuts and AAPi's budget calls in an interview on ABC TV's Afternoon Briefing yesterday. 

"It's been really challenging to support clients at the moment in the way that we believe that they need to be supported," she said.

"We know that clients need to be coming in and seeing their psychologist regularly and frequently and at a frequency that is clinically appropriate for them at the moment.

"So what that's meant for a lot of people is we're only in May today and a lot of my clients have already used six, sometimes more sessions so far for the year. So for the remaining portion of the year, they have requested often to space out their sessions to be able to make them last until sometime towards the end of the year."

Sahra said in this upcoming Budget, AAPi would like to see Medicare subsidised session numbers increased, a $150 Medicare rebate for all psychology sessions and for the 8000 provisional psychologists to be able to offer their services under Medicare. 

You can see the full interview here.

ABC radio news has also covered AAPi's calls for the reform of mental health care plan prices today, running some of Sahra's comments. You can listen to the story here.

AAPi in the Media

Posted on 2 May 2023

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