AAPi has been involved in a review of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. ANZSCO serves as a classification system for all professions within the labour markets of Australia and New Zealand. These classifications are used to shape policy, collect data, and influence educational pathways, skilled migration programs, and workforce strategies.

The present ANZSCO psychology codes are woefully inadequate. They are:

  1. 272311 Clinical Psychologist 
  2. 272312 Educational Psychologist 
  3. 272313 Organisational Psychologist 
  4. 272314 Psychotherapist 
  5. 272399 Psychologists nec

In our response, AAPi emphasised the necessity of adjusting how psychologists are categorised within the framework and that all psychologists were classified at an equal skill rating. It is vital that we remove all historical impediments to a fair and equitable psychology profession.

Australian & New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations 

Posted on 18 August 2023