New Better Access item numbers will commence on 1 March 2023 to facilitate family and carer participation in treatment under the Better Access initiative.

The following provides an overview of this new aspect of Better Access. As a Medicare provider, please ensure you are fully aware of the requirements of each item number prior to using.

  • This is an extension of Better Access, your client must have a current Better Access MHTP and referral.
  • You can use a maximum of two family and carer items in a calendar year.
  • These items replace sessions where you would provide individual treatment to the client and Will come off the client’s 10 available sessions for the year.
  • You must have a legitimate clinical reason for using these sessions and have this recorded in the client notes – this can be decided by the referrer or the treating psychologist/allied health professional.
  • You need the informed consent of the client to use these items and need to have this recorded in your records. There is a notation in the legislation that says the practitioner providing the service must explain the service to the patient, obtain the patient’s consent for the service and make a written record of the consent.
  • The client needs to understand that they can withdraw consent at any time.
  • The client cannot be in attendance during the session.
  • You can provide these sessions in all the formats currently allowed for client sessions i.e., face to face, telehealth or telephone.
  • Different item numbers apply for these sessions, and you will need to use the correct item code to process payment for these sessions.

Download the new numbers here.

Download the infosheet here.

Download a consolidated Quick Reference Guide for Better Access MBS Item Numbers.

Better Access Family and Carer Sessions 

Posted on 8 February 2023