The Devastating Cost of Two-Tier

Posted on 2 December 2022

In our recent private practice survey, 87% of respondents cited cost as the top barrier for clients needing psychological services. With the majority of psychologists only able to provide a $40 lower rebate to their clients, there is no doubt that the two-tier system directly limits access for the most vulnerable in our community.

With MBS data, we can detail how much this egregious decision has cost the clients of Australian psychologists. In the 2022 financial year alone, the two-tier system has resulted in almost $150 million in lower rebates for the most claimed items.


These figures are shocking. What is harder to quantify is the clients who missed out on the care they needed altogether due to the cost-prohibitive nature of an inadequately funded Better Access program.

Now is the time to correct this historical misstep. AAPi is advocating for immediate action to remedy this. AAPi is asking the government to correct this Medicare rebate anomaly and raise the Medicare rebate to $150 for the clients of all psychologists.