Medicare News 

Posted on 10 November 2022

Group Therapy MBS Changes under the Better Access Initiative

As we have announced previously, changes have occurred regarding Better Access Group therapy items. AAPi has been a key driver for these changes.

Effective 1 November 2022, there is a revised structure for group therapy MBS items under Better Access. The changes include:

  • Introduction of 16 new MBS items for group therapy sessions lasting at least 90 minutes or 120 minutes;
  • Amendments to the eight existing MBS items to reduce the minimum number of patients required to hold a group therapy session from six to four; and
  • Allowing all group therapy MBS items to be claimed with only three patients, if four patients were scheduled to attend but one patient does not attend (for example, due to unforeseen circumstances).

Further information on the new and amended MBS items available to deliver group therapy is available in explanatory notes MN.6.7 and MN.7.4 on MBS Online. We also highly recommend reading the Group Therapy MBS Changes under the Better Access Initiative factsheet.

Independent Review into Medicare Compliance

On the back of extensive media reporting regarding Medicare non-compliance, the Minister for Health has announced an independent review. The Minister has revealed that the existing information does not support that fraud or inappropriate billing is anywhere near what was sensationally reported in the media. You can read AAPi's thoughts on Medicare Integrity here and here. AAPi will be involved in this review.

If you are unsure about how to provide services under Medicare we have an entire section of our website dedicated to helping you. It includes billing education, quick reference guides, client claiming, referrer guides, referral validity information and much more. We also have two previous webinars with Dr Margaret Faux, Medicare Billing and Compliance and Medicare Compliance - record keeping for psychologists.

AAPi will continue to push for necessary change while supporting our members to navigate Medicare.