AAPi Membership just got better!

Posted on 20 October 2022

AAPi has partnered with SAGE Publishing to provide FREE access to AAPi members to SAGE Journals,

Video, eBooks and SAGE Knowledge Reference. 

Access is available FREE to all levels of membership. With provisional psychologist membership only

$50 or part-time membership just $150 annually, AAPi provides exceptional value for money.

Let's take a deep dive into our latest member benefit.

SAGE Journals offers AAPi members access to over 1,000* top-ranked journals including the SAGE Psychology and Counselling collection, offering innovative resources spanning the breadth of Psychology and Counselling and sub-disciplines including developmental, organisational, health, child and family, clinical, social, forensic, cognitive, counselling, and much more.

Key Journals Include:

  • Perspectives on Psychological Science
  • Clinical Psychological Science
  • Psychological Science in the Public Interest
  • Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry
  • Review of General Psychology
  • Professional School Counseling
  • Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association
  • Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin
  • International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching
  • Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions
  • Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
  • Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
  • Personality and Social Psychology Review
  • Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment
  • Assessment
  • Educational and Psychological Measurement
  • The Counseling Psychologist
  • Journal of Humanistic Psychology
  • Environment and Behavior


SAGE Video collections are developed in partnership with leading scholars and practitioners, to deliver cutting-edge educational videos.

AAPi members have access to SAGE’s two video collections:

The Counselling and Psychotherapy collection consists of over 480 videos. Watch practitioners and SAGE’s leading authors discuss key concepts to develop your counselling and therapeutic skills. 

The Psychology collection comprises 500+ videos. Watch psychologists and academics break down core concepts and explore specific topics.

SAGE Video supports a variety of patron needs through a range of video types that can be used to enhance personal learning, drive professional development, and aid independent study, including:

  • Seminal documentaries on subjects aligned to key areas of interest 
  • Case studies on classic and newly published research
  • Tutorials illustrating practical applications of methods and concepts
  • Interviews with leading experts on key topics
  • Practitioners' demonstrations of theories and techniques
  • Observational footage of practitioners in real-life professional settings 
  • Short definitions of key terms and concepts 

This offering will be particularly beneficial for provisional psychologists and their supervisors. Client contact hours for the 4+2 internship can include up to 150 hours (90 hours in the first year and 60 hours in the second year) of simulated client contact learning activities which include watching videos of real or simulated clients. The 5+1 program can include up to 60 hours.  

Note that any learning activities need to be cleared with supervisors to ensure simulated learning activities are directly relevant to the acquisition of relevant competencies for work with clients. Extra simulated client contact over and above 150 hours can be logged as extra client-related activities.


SAGE Books include 695* titles available free to AAPi members!

Some of the texts available include:

  • An Introduction to CBT Research
  • Forgetting: Explaining Memory Failure
  • Twenty-Four Stories from Psychology
  • The Psychology of Covid-19: Building Resilience for Future Pandemics
  • Psychological Skills Training for Human Wellness
  • Addictions Counselling Today: Substances and Addictive Behaviours
  • Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counselling: Contemporary Issues
  • The Therapeutic Relationship in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Ethics in Psychological Research: A Practical Guide for the Student Scientist
  • CBT for Depression: An Integrated Approach

Access over 100* handbooks, encyclopedias and other reference works in the field of psychology, counselling, psychotherapy and research. 

Standout works include:

  • Handbook of Applied Social Psychology
  • Encyclopedia of Theory in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology
  • Encyclopedia of Marriage, Family, and Couples Counselling
  • Handbook of Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology
  • Encyclopedia of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology
  • Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology
  • Encyclopedia of Theory in Psychology
  • Humanistic Psychology: Theory, Research, and Practice
  • Handbook of Domestic Violence
  • Encyclopedia of Lifespan Human Development
  • Handbook of Coaching

 *Please note the entire collection is available for a limited time only, until 18 December 2022. After this time we will have a more curated and condensed SAGE offering available to AAPi members, based on the most popular resources.