The ‘National Trend of School Refusal and Related Matters’ report was released last week, following the government-initiated enquiry into School refusal in late 2022. The report details 14 recommendations, including:

  • The Government to explore increasing the number of subsidised mental health care sessions for students experiencing school refusal
  • Education Ministers to develop a national action plan on school refusal within 12 months
  • Research into the drivers of school refusal and the evaluation of current treatments
  • Development of resources, trauma-informed practices in schools, screening tools and early intervention strategies
  • A review of child health and development screening programs to identify opportunities to improve early identification of autism, ADHD, specific learning disorders, and anxiety disorders
  • Exploration of more flexible education delivery
  • The creation of a peer support network for families
AAPi will continue to advocate for evidence-based support for families and students experiencing school refusal, emphasising the need for more psychologists in schools and improved access to psychologists in the community.

National Trend of School Refusal and Related Matters 

Posted on 17 August 2023