AAPi recently provided a submission to the NDIS General Issues Inquiry, outlining the issues that need to be addressed within the NDIS.

Our submission highlighted psychologists' vital role in the disability field and the harmful effects of cutting psychologist funding, which has become more frequent. This puts participants at risk, hampers their progress towards independence, and limits functional improvement. We also noted the NDIS's tendency to reject reports from psychologist diagnoses, favouring clinical psychologists instead, a stance that lacks understanding and needs to cease immediately.

We emphasised that all psychologists, regardless of area of endorsement, are qualified to diagnose psychological conditions. Rejecting psychologist diagnoses, which are permitted by National Law, harms the disability community - creating barriers to vital support and increasing unnecessary costs. We urged the scheme to trust psychologists' clinical judgment – they are experts who have undergone comprehensive education and training to assess and assist clients with disabilities. We anticipate collaborating closely with the NDIS to enhance participant outcomes.

To access the submission, click on this link and go to submission number 25.

NDIS General Issues Inquiry 

Posted on 16 August 2023