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Posted on 7 December 2021

Non-diet approaches to addressing weight management concerns

Explores strategies to respectfully respond to their clients weight management concerns, including an introduction to: 

  • the non-diet approach 
  • scope of practice considerations for psychologists asked to provide dietary advice 
  • the principles of Health at Every Size 
  • addressing weight bias and weight stigma 
  • providing respectful, weight inclusive care 

The Psychology of Telehealth

This webinar dives into 6 evidence-based strategies to enhance video telehealth consisting of: 

  • hands help social presence 
  • eye contact builds trust 
  • camera angles may have unintended consequences 
  • less feedback can lead to lecturing 
  • constant self-monitoring is fatiguing 
  • better hardware might improve cognitive load

Medicare Compliance - record keeping for psychologists

AAPi teamed up with Dr Margaret Faux, one of Australia's leading experts on Medicare to bring you this webinar examining the legal requirements for record keeping when billing to Medicare. Within that context, we explore the applicability of SOAP notes and SMART goals and review Medicare’s requirements when reporting back to referrers. 

A legal perspective on navigating the challenges associated with COVID-19

This essential COVID-19 webinar outlines your rights and responsibilities in the new ‘COVID normal’.  The webinar cover current requirements and answers many of the top questions. Our presenter is Leanne Nickels, an employment law practitioner with over 20 years' experience assisting clients in managing workforce challenges, achieving compliance with workplace laws and resolving workplace conflict at the individual and collective level. 

How to diagnose and treat targets of workplace bullying and harassment

This webinar covers: 

  • what is workplace bullying and harassment? 
  • why does it occur - consider personal issues and organisational systems? 
  • what are the injuries? 
  • the three major categories of target / victim 
  • how to develop a working diagnosis/case formulation 
  • develop and assess a treatment plan 
  • how to measure improvement 
  • when to continue treatment or refer 

Self care in times of change and uncertainty

Putting ourselves first and making our wellbeing a priority is important if we want to be able to maintain a good level of psychological health and being able to adapt to the challenges of everyday life. 

This webinar provides some quick and easy tips on self-care you can look to implement in your day-to-day activities.