SIRA Amendment Regulation 2022

Posted on 13 January 2023

Earlier this year SIRA engaged with AAPi and other Allied Health Peak Bodies in the review of their Regulations. The State Insurance and Care Governance Amendment Regulation 2022 has now commenced and can be found here.

This will not mean any change for the majority of our members, but it is important that you be across the changes regardless. Guidelines are being developed and will be released in March 2023 after consultation.

The regulation is part of a new regulatory framework to manage outlier providers with a pattern of poor practice who have not responded to opportunities provided by SIRA to correct those practices. This regulatory framework will not be used to intervene in individual patient care.

Under these regulations, SIRA may issue a direction to a relevant service provider who: 

  • does not comply with a provision of the worker's compensation or motor accidents legislation. 
  • has been referred to, or is under investigation by a relevant clinical, professional or accreditation body does not comply with guidelines (noting these guidelines are expected to be finalised and in place in March 2023 and will be the subject of consultation prior to that).