AAPi Response Letter to Minister Hunt

In a recent newsletter, we shared a letter received from Minister Hunt regarding our questions regarding the two tier Medicare system for psychologists. If you missed Minister Hunt's letter, you can view it here.

AAPi has responded to to the Minister, with this response.

Please note, writing to Ministers is one very small component of AAPi's actions to remove the two tier medicare system. We have recently received a grant to further our advocacy campaign.

Regarding the legal proceedings, we are currently progressing a new strategy, that we hope our legal team will be able to disclose further details on in a future newsletter.

AAPi will continue to work tirelessly in our campaign to restore equality to Australian Psychology. We work with heart, intelligent compassion, authenticity and transparency. We value the skills and experience of all psychologists and the tremendously valuable contribution of psychologists to mental health care and the communities they serve. 

Keep the faith, we are making progress.