Setting up for bulk billing through PRODA/HPOS

Download a PDF copy here.

There are many options for setting up your practice for bulk billing. Here is a quick how-to guide for those using PRODA/HPOS

First, set up PRODA. This takes about 10-15 mins.

  1. Go to

  2. To sign up for a PRODA account, go to the bottom of the page and click on “Register now”

    Do not have a PRODA account? Register now

  3. Follow the 3 steps as shown on the PRODA screen:

    1. Create Account with your personal details, and verify your account when they send you an email verification

    2. Verify Documents with identity documents such as Medicare card, drivers’ license, passport, citizenship certificate, etc.

    3. Match existing services takes you to a screen where you can enter your Medicare Provider Number or AHPRA number, and it links your registration to PRODA.

Once in PRODA, you will be asked to “Link Services”. You can choose from a number of government organisations here.

  1. Choose Health Professionals Online Service (HPOS).

  2. Follow any instruction on linking your account, and click “I agree” on the terms and conditions.

Now HPOS is linked! When this is successful:

  1. Check your bank details are correct. Go to:

    My details-My personal details-My banking details

    This will list all your Medicare and other service / program provider numbers, and the bank details attached to each of these. The bank accounts linked to your provider numbers are used to pay the rebates into. These should correspond to either your own bank account if you’re a sole trader or business owner, or the bank account of the practice you’re sub-contracting to.

  2. Check your provider numbers are current. Go to:

    My details-My provider numbers-My provider number details

a. You can update provider number details by clicking “Edit” on the far right of each provider number entry

b. You can Close / deactivate a provider number if you are
no longer at a particular location by clicking on “Edit” as above, and entering an “End date” of when you stopped using that provider number.

3. To process a bulk bill telehealth claim through HPOS from the HPOS Home screen, go to:

Claims-Make a new claim-Medicare Bulk Bill-webclaim 

Follow the steps in the form:

  1. Find a patient

  2. Fill in provider details

  3. Fill in claim details (ensure you use the appropriate telehealth Medicare item)

  4. Review and submit

  5. Finish