Sexual abuse survivors and the law
Friday, 20 May 2022
Duration: 61 Minutes
Laird Macdonald

During this webinar Laird Macdonald from Rightside Legal will discuss the types of compensation available for a survivor of sexual abuse and how a treating psychologist might be involved in a claim for compensation.

Laird will also give you an insight into:
• The ins and outs of what pursuing compensation looks like for a survivor
• Strategies for dealing with stressful aspects of a claim
• Strategies for dealing with lawyers, report and other legal requests
• How you as the treating psychologist can best deal with lawyers and subpoenas

Rightside Legal is the leading Australian law firm for historical sexual abuse cases and has set a wide range of legal precedents that benefit all survivors. Previous unfair and unjust settlements can now be overturned thanks to Rightside’s work. Survivors of abuse now have the ability to access proper compensation for the damage that they have lived with, often for decades.

Laird Macdonald has worked as a lawyer for over a decade. He is a Senior Associate at Rightside Legal and has pursued common law damages cases for many survivors of abuse. Laird has successfully sued religious institutions, private schools, the State of Victoria and other non-governmental organisations for failing to protect children in their care. These claims have ranged from the 1960’s to current times.

Laird is a trauma informed legal practitioner who works closely with his clients communicating in plain and clear language.
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Sexual abuse survivors and the law
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