Open Arms Advocacy Update

Posted on 3 March 2021
By Tegan Carrison, Executive Director, AAPi

AAPi continues to work towards equal pay and recognition of the skills and experience of all psychologists who provide outreach services to Open Arms.

As previously discussed, we have met with the management of Open Arms and retain an open dialogue and solutions focused approach.

AAPi has secured a meeting with the Minister for Veterans' Affairs, Darren Chester. We will keep members updated on the results of this meeting.

Our members taking action by communication their concerns to Open Arms and politicians has been invaluable and I thank each and everyone of you. Please keep it up!

You do not need to be a current or past Open Arms Outreach provider to voice your concerns. If you have not yet written to your local MP, Open Arms or Minister Chester, please do so! We have templates available if you are time poor. Please reach out via [email protected] if you would like a template.

Your voice matters, we are stronger together.