Advocacy Regarding Changes to the National Law

Posted on 10 June 2022

In our last newsletter we wrote about the our concerns regarding proposed changes to the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law. The primary concern is the ability for regulators to issue public statements about health practitioners who pose a 'serious risk to public health and safety' prior to an investigation or conviction. Vexatious and false complaints do occur and this proposal to notify the public prior to a thorough investigation is counter to natural justice and the assumption of innocence. There is the potential for catastrophic reputation damage where complaints are unfounded or vexatious and are made publicly known before an investigation has taken place. AAPi has opposed this change via a submission and we appeared before Queensland parliament this week to reiterate our concerns. AAPi stands united with many of the health associations with our concerns about these changes. AAPi was the only psychology association to engage in the consultation and object to these changes.

We will keep members updated on this important issue.