Eating Disorder Update

Posted on 28 July 2022

The National Eating Disorders Collaboration would like to announce the launch of an important new resource, Management of eating disorders for people with higher weight: clinical practice guideline.This has been developed by NEDC as we work towards building an equitable, safe, accessible, and evidence-based system of care for every person with an eating disorder, regardless of their body size. 

Despite the high prevalence of people experiencing eating disorders and high weight, eating disorders are consistently under-recognised and under-treated in this population. People who are of higher weight and experiencing an eating disorder have often experienced delayed identification of the eating disorder, misdiagnoses in assessment, subsequent inappropriate and inadequate treatment and widespread stigma. Previously, there has been little to guide clinicians on the management of eating disorders for people with higher weight. This Guideline addresses this important gap. 

Free FBT or CBT-E training and supervision to help you upskill in the area of eating disorders

The National Eating Disorders Collaboration, through funding from the Australian Government Department of health, are currently providing professional development packages of free training and supervision. The PD Packages are designed to support mental health professionals to upskill in this area and to meet the training and supervision requirements of the ANZAED Eating Disorder Credential (the Credential). Practitioners working in primary care, public health or mental health, headspace centres, PHNs, private practice, or general settings with experience in mental health can access this opportunity, helping you to enhance your knowledge and skill in this area and feel confident to support and provide treatment for people experiencing an eating disorder.

The PD Packages are designed to flexibly meet a clinician’s individual professional and clinical needs, and clinicians can choose from training in FBT, CBT-E or CBT-GSH, depending on their workplace setting and the diagnostic presentations that they currently work with. Clinicians who have not yet completed training in an evidence-based treatment model for eating disorders are eligible to apply.

We encourage you to apply soon in order to secure your place in the program. Apply here.