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AAPi supports psychologists and community members in a range of advocacy activities to improve the provision of mental health services in Australia. Listed here are current campaigns, petitions and actions that AAPi supports.   

Volunteering with AAPi

If you would like to volunteer your services, please contact

Petitions and Actions

Petition - BUPA to adopt a single fee structure for psychological services to ADF personnel

Petition - All consumers and psychologists in Australia deserve equal access to Medicare

Petition - Stop changing the goal posts a psychologist is a psychologist

Legal Action

Legal proceedings to challenge the restrictions faced by psychologists recently commenced. Please consider contributing to the Australian Association of Psychologists (AAPi) Fighting Fund by:

EFT to BSB 182 512 Account No. 961170248

BPay to BPay Code: 667022; BPay Reference: 961170248

Credit Card  Either call 0418 391 820 or

Receipts can be issued for all contributions upon request.  If enough funds are not raised for legal action to proceed, contributions will be returned. As the AAPi is not a charity, contributions are not tax deductible. They are, however, much appreciated by the AAPi and all it’s members as investment in gaining equality in psychology in Australia.

List of Recommended Facebook Groups and Websites:   

For psychologists:

'Australian Psychologists' Facebook group

'Psychologists United Australia' Facebook page

'One Psychology Australia' Facebook page


‚ÄčFor consumers and members of the public:

'Psychology Australia' Facebook page