Governance and Board of Directors

The AAPi is administrated by an employed Executive Director and a volunteer Board of Directors who implement policy in consultation with the Membership. Members are encouraged to provide feedback and commentary to

The Board elected at the 2018 Annual General Meeting consists of:

Paul Stevenson

Paul J. Stevenson is a Psychologist and Traumatologist with 46 years experience in the Human Services Industry, both to the private and public sectors. He has extensive clinical experience, and holds a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology. Paul was a former National President of the Australian College of Clinical Psychologists (ACCP) prior to founding the Australian Association of Psychologists (AAPi). In his professional capacity, Paul has provided services in the clinical treatment of victims of trauma, and the strategic design and evaluation of Disaster Management interventions world-wide. He is a former lecturer for the University of Queensland, University of Southern Queensland, Bond and Griffith (Gold Coast) Universities, and has authored and published four books. Paul was honoured with an Order of Australia Medal in 2004, for services to Psychology in Australia, and the United Nations Association of Australia Award in 2012 as a result of his extensive International Disaster Management interventions.

Lara Sullivan
BA(Psych), GDip(Psych), MPsych, FAAPi

Lara Sullivan has a keen interest in health and wellbeing, and a passion for psychology. She has a strong belief in the right of all Australians to have access to health services both physical and mental. Lara has worked as a psychologist in a low socio-economic area of Melbourne for over 8 years. She has seen the devastating impact of the two-tier system of psychology on the citizens of that area, and on her colleagues working under the system. Lara joined the AAPi to work towards a fair system for all psychologists and their clients. She would love to see the field of psychology return to its rich and diverse roots.

Dr Vivienne Sullivan
BSc(Psych), BS(Psych)Hons, DipEd, PhD, FAAPi

Dr Vivienne Sullivan is a fully-registered psychologist currently working in private practice. She gained her registration by completing a Bachelor of Science, Honours, PhD and supervised practice. Vivienne feels she has experienced the significant effects the two-tiered system can have on the most vulnerable in our society by working in low-socio-economic areas offering bulk-billing services for 10 years and through her clients being discriminated against by organisations such as Centrelink. Vivienne has a strong belief in equality in Psychology in Australia and is focussed on working towards ending the discrimination within the profession for the sake of all psychologists and their clients.

Karen Donnelly
BBehSc, BA(CrimJust), BPsych(Hons), MAppSc, MAAPi

Karen has worked as a psychologist, researcher and counsellor in a range of government and non-government agencies. Karen commenced her career as a psychologist in 2001 via the 4+2 registration pathway and has worked in private practice and the disability and child protection sectors. Karen has been a social activist since joining Amnesty International as a child. Karen is also a STAP registered supervisor and is a proud psychologist with general registration. She believes in the rich diversity of psychology and that all psychologists have a unique and valuable set of skills and training. Karen joined the AAPi to work towards a fair and equitable system for all psychologists and their clients. 

James Cowan
BPsych(Hons), GradCertCarEd&Dev, PCDAA MAAPi

James Cowan is a provisional psychologist, vocational consultant and champion for social, industrial and organisational change. He has strong skills and experience in governance and administration of not-for-profit organisations and has served on several Boards and Committees including the Victorian Branch Committee of Amnesty International. James is passionate about ethical leadership and engaging people to work collaboratively. He is committed to seeing positive change in the psychology profession and is currently completing a Master of Organisational Psychology.

Amanda Curran
BSc, BSc (Hons), MHSt, MAAPi

Amanda is a Registered Psychologist and has been registered since 2000. Amanda has a love for learning that led her to complete a Master of Health Studies Majoring in Addictions in 2009. Amanda has experience in a variety of areas including; residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation, Drug Diversion Programs, inpatient psychiatric treatment (including long term residential care prior to project 300), university counselling, employee assistance programs, family and relationship counselling and others. More recently Amanda has become involved in policy development and was appointed to the Mental Health Reference Group during the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review. Amanda is also working towards filling the gaps in the training of Psychologists and bringing back the diversity of the profession through an initiative she co-founded with two other Psychologists called AusPsy Ltd. 

Anne Marie Collins
BA LLB Grad Dip App Psych, MAAPi

Anne Marie is a registered psychologist with very extensive experience over 24 years, in the delivery of services to clients across various organisations. Anne Marie currently works in her own company in the very challenging area of family law disputes and also conducts a small practice with clients seeking NDIS support. Anne Marie developed into senior management and leadership roles and has held positions such as Regional Manager with a well- known NGO, Principal Psychologist for Queensland with a National EAP service, and clinical lead with Tasmania Medicare Local. 

Tegan Carrison
Executive Director
BAppSci(Nutrition), PostGradDip(HRM)

Tegan has spent over 10 years in public health nutrition and health promotion and is passionate about advocating for the rights of health care professionals and improving access for the community. Tegan is an experienced clinical educuator with many years of experince in supervision and mentoring including starting a student led interprofessional clinic with the University of Queensland's not-for-profit, UQ Health Care. Tegan also brings a wealth of expereince in business management, adminstration and human resource management.