Making you a business priority
Wednesday, 21 July 2021
Duration: 60 Minutes
Mr George Dieter
Ms Mandy June Halabi

There have been quite a few posts on the AAPi Community Forum about the complexities of earnings for self-employed psychologists. It appears to be an issue that many struggle with.

AAPi Members George Dieter and Mandy Halabi co-host a webinar on Making you a business priority. Points of discussion include:
* Insights on why we need to make ourselves a business priority
* Paying ourselves an appropriate salary
* Imposter syndrome
* Doing too much for free and charging too little for your time
* Feeling comfortable talking to clients about professional fees
* Learning to say ‘no’ to prospective clients when the fit is not right

About our presenters:
George Dieter - After completing a law degree in Germany and working in a number of different and quite disparate industries, George gained two Australian Master’s degrees in psychology and coaching psychology, Certificate IV Training and Assessment and holds a Certificate of clinical neuropsychotherapy.

George has worked as a trauma response, on-call provider for crisis interventions and as an EAP provider for many years. More recently he has further developed his interest in the field of neuropsychotherapy. His wide ranging interests and experience in a number of professions unrelated to psychology have allowed him to serve clients across a wide spectrum in individual and group sessions and to provide medico-legal and forensic reports.

As a performance coach he has instructed executives and business owners in areas such as career development and more effective management techniques. George is experienced in providing workshops and training seminars on a wide variety of issues and has authored two books. Creating Criminals without even trying examines early childhood events and societal factors which potentially contribute to the development of juvenile delinquency and I-Power – the freedom to be me takes a detailed look at our relationships and the need for boundaries which define the extent and limit of our responsibilities.

Mandy Halabi - is a generally registered psychologist and she entered the profession as a mature student studying for her first degree, after years raising children and working in finance and accountancy; hospitality management; health and wellness; and medical practice. She has a lived experience as a migrant in a blended culture family, living and working within a low SES community in South West Sydney. She started out trying to provide her services to these communities at a price she knew they could afford (no gap fee) but found it unsustainable.
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Making you a business priority
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