Mental health care for Veterinarians and animal workers
Tuesday, 12 October 2021
Duration: 64 Minutes
Dr Nadine Hamilton

Veterinarians have one of the highest rates of suicide - up to four-times that of the general population, and two-times that of other health professionals. In Australia we lose one veterinarian to suicide around every 12 weeks. Sadly though, it is not just our veterinarians at risk - other veterinary and animal workers are also susceptible.

This webinar is facilitated by Dr Nadine Hamilton, a leading global authority on veterinary wellbeing. Dr Hamilton will discuss the five main factors contributing to the disproportionate rate of suicide in the veterinary profession, as well as what is being done to address it.

Dr Nadine Hamilton, BSc (Psych), PGDip.Psych, MTrain&Dev, EdD is a best-selling author and experienced psychologist. Her self-help book has sold thousands of copies worldwide and is a go-to resource for veterinary practitioners around the world. Dr Hamilton is renowned around the world for leading the paradigm shift occurring within the veterinary industry, and founding the charity Love Your Pet Love Your Vet.

While Dr Hamilton has been an integral leader in revolutionising veterinary wellbeing and is a pioneer in creating the much-needed paradigm shift the veterinary industry has needed, she is expanding her passion and expertise in wellbeing to a much broader level. Drawing on her background in organisational psychology, she is focusing on personal and workplace wellness to help people everywhere learn to live a life they love, value, and appreciate.
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Mental health care for Veterinarians and animal workers
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