Working with Deaf clients, session 2
Wednesday, 21 September 2022
Duration: 63 Minutes
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This webinar follows on from our session in May 2022 on working with clients who identify as “Deaf” and/or “hard of hearing”.

Topics that will be covered:
* diagnosis
* assessment
* implications of isolation
* language deprivation, and
* theory of mind.

Our presenter for this webinar is Dr Louise Munro who started her working life as a Registered Nurse, spent some time studying music, then explored her way into psychology and academia. Her work life balance means juggling sessional lecturing in counselling and supervision at QUT, a private practice, a beautiful family, and two Italian greyhounds.
Louise’s first contact with deafness came via a request to support some sign language interpreters about 20 years ago. As someone who loves languages she was immediately fascinated and began learning Auslan in community classes. The more language she learned, the more she become involved in the area of mental health and deafness.
Louise completed her PhD in 2010 on “the development and evaluation of a culturally affirmative counselling model for Deaf clients in Australia.” Now, after 10 years of full-time academic work and a small private practice, she decided to flip things around and has a larger private practice and a very small academic footprint. Her main focus is Deaf and hard of hearing clients and supervision.
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Working with Deaf clients, session 2
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