Wednesday, 09 November 2022
Duration: 68 Minutes
Ms Carly Dober
Dr Louise Metcalf
Ms Mandy June Halabi
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This webinar looks at the growing area of Eco-Psychology in Australia, how ecopsychology is used in healthcare around the world, how to engage clients in eco psychology, and some of the key concerns that psychologists working in this space are experiencing with their clients. A diverse range of fields are associated with ecopsychology including ecotherapy, (outdoor / nature based therapies), animal assisted therapies, food cultivation, therapeutic horticulture, ecological activism, and sustainability.

Presented by the co-chairs of the AAPi Eco-Psychology Interest Group; Carly Dober, Dr Louise Metcalf and Mandy Halabi.

Carly Dober is a psychologist, private practice owner, yoga teacher, conservation and climate activist, community radio presenter, and a member of the AAPi ecopsychology interest group. Carly has been a nature lover from an early age and is passionate about the mental and physical benefits that is provided by the biodiversity all around us.

Dr Louise Metcalf has been working in psychology for almost 30 years, and has consistently been at the coalface of how to connect human beings back to their natural environment, working largely in face-to-face practice and teaching/ research. She has been the Director of the Australian Research Institute for Environment and Sustainability at Macquarie University, driving research and large scale government projects connecting sustainability with human adaptability and mental health for over a decade. She has had the honour of helping people around the globe as a consultant and has recently worked with the United Nations to connect mental health and environment in a major cross-country report. She also has a 6 year old and is working on solutions for reducing childhood anxiety, including connection to country.

Mandy Halabi is a psychologist working in the Liverpool area of NSW, with a special interest in the treatment of trauma through trauma focussed CBT, EMDR, hypnosis and Schema Therapy. Mandy's interest in eco-psychology stems from a love of nature. As a child she recalls she could 'smell' spring in her first home in the UK; her favourite room was the garden shed and plants thrive on her watch. She describes herself currently as a 'not-there-yet' eco-psychologist because, due to her restricted clinic space, she can only provide clients with imaginal exposure to the natural environment. Once she finds her dream clinic environment, she plans to use natures offerings to provide her clients with conceptual metaphors; sensory stimuli... and perhaps some wholesome mud under their nails.
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