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AAPi in the Media

Posted on 14 November 2023

A story on ABC online discusses the barriers facing psychology students entering the profession and AAPi’s advocacy to address this.
AAPi Director Carly Dober said the Mental Health Workforce Strategy did not go far enough to address the shortage of psychologists. 
While undergraduate courses took about 200 to 300 students, the required postgraduate courses only offered 40 places. 
“Five hundred psychologist placements across the country - that doesn’t go that far,” Ms Dober said.
“Many psychologists are following where the universities are, that’s in the cities- that still leaves regional areas lacking.”
Ms Dober said the expenses of pursuing a psychology career had forced out many people who didn't have the "perfect" combination of social and financial factors to support them as they studied.
“So that knocks out a whole bunch of diverse people from diverse backgrounds who might have the best people skills, would be fantastic psychologists but can’t afford to do it.”

Ms Dober said the association was lobbying the government for more paid training placements in regional locations, more university places, and to allow provisional psychologists to provide services under Medicare.
Read the full story here.