School Bullying
Friday, 18 February 2022
Duration: 60 Minutes
Ms Evelyn Margaret Field OAM

Harry the Bully Blocker : using this therapy story with bullied children.

Viewers will gain a basic understanding of school bullying and begin to utilise this therapy program as part of their treatment of bullied kids. Covered in this video:
* What is school bullying?
* Why is it harmful- what damage does it cause?
* Role of school and parents
* Role of therapists, includes current research and treatment
* Understand the six-step bully blocking model
*How to utilise the therapy story of Harry the Bully Blocker.

Presenter Biography:
Evelyn M Field OAM is a practising psychologist, professional speaker, bestselling author and well-established media commentator. She was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for her work with school and workplace bullying initiatives. Evelyn has an international reputation in treating and publishing about students and adults who have been bullied or harassed. Her goal is to assist parents, therapists and schools in teaching young people social survival with the skills to protect themselves from bullying as effectively as possible.

Evelyn has presented many training workshops in Australia, the UK, Vietnam and Israel. She was Convenor of the Therapist Special Interest Group, part of the international Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment, (IAWBH) and instigated four international workshops on diagnosis and treatment for bullied targets and more recently founded of the Australian Association of Workplace Bullying Professionals (AAWBP).

Evelyn’s two bestselling books, Bully Busting and Bully Blocking are now available in five languages. She has also written Bully Blocking at Work and Strategies for Surviving Bullying at Work, two e-books, a DVD and her audio and hard copy book, Harry the Bully Blocker is due out in early 2022. Also in the pipeline is her next book, “Bully Blocking at School” – the chapter on “Hints for Counsellors” will constitute a unique and innovative area.
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School Bullying
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