Art and exploring emotion
Wednesday, 12 October 2022
Duration: 65 Minutes
Andrew McKinley
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Art can facilitate the expression of the complexity of inner experience.

This workshop is an introduction to using art therapy techniques in an emotion focused exploration of our inner experience, beyond words and in full colour. Our presenter, Andrew McKinley will focus on helping participants use art processes with their clients.

Learning outcomes:
• To learn the use of art processes to facilitate the story and inner emotion of clients.
• To use art processes or images to facilitate the processing of emotion.

Andrew guides an art exercise at the end of the session, so it may be useful to have some art supplies (paper, coloured pencils/pens or crayons) on hand to take part in the experiential learning.

About our presenter: Andrew McKinley is a psychologist who has been immersed in the learning and teaching of Emotion Focused Therapy for a number of years. During his career he has worked with a broad range of socio-economic and culturally diverse clientele in both the public service and private practice and within a wide range of settings and situations throughout the wider Sydney region.

Andrew has been providing psychological and counselling services to a diverse range of individuals, couples, families and organisations, assisting people with interpersonal problems, grief and homelessness and providing crisis intervention on issues of suicidality, victims of crime, torture and trauma. As a psychiatric disability consultant Andrew has advised on adjustments for people with psychiatric disability to allow them to achieve more positive outcomes in their various pursuits.

This webinar was held in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy.
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Art and exploring emotion
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