Psychedelic assisted psychotherapy with ketamine - Insights from clinical experience
Wednesday, 26 October 2022
Duration: 73 Minutes
Dr Nikola Ognyenovits

AAPi’s Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy (PAP) Interest Group invites you to join them for this webinar with Dr Nikola Ognyenovits on Psychedelic assisted psychotherapy with ketamine: Insights from clinical experience.

Key concepts covered:
* ‘Psychedelic therapies’ - different therapeutic frameworks or paradigms
* Core concepts of PAP
* Why ketamine?
* The essential steps of PAP
* Should PAP be ‘medicalised’?
* When things go wrong - adverse outcomes and the ‘dark side’ of PAP

Dr Nikola Ognyenovits is an Addiction Medicine specialist in Brisbane, working across two public drug and alcohol services and in private practice. After graduating as an M.D. in 1987, he trained and worked in psychiatry, general practice, anaesthetics, emergency medicine and aeromedical retrievals, with appointments in rural and remote Australia for 20 years before settling in Brisbane.

A clinician with experience in mainstream medicine, mental health and addictions as well as acute and critical care and nutritional medicine, Nikola is familiar with transcendental spaces, with both personal experiences and supporting clients through their processes. Nikola was introduced to non-ordinary states of consciousness through Holotropic Breathwork and completed six modules with Grof Transpersonal Training, learning from Stanislav Grof and Tav Sparks.

Over the past twelve years, Nikola participated in various ceremonies around the world and experienced a variety of medicines. After training with The Ketamine Training Center in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, he started to incorporate ketamine into his private practice, as it is the only legally accessible psychedelic medicine currently in Australia.
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Psychedelic assisted psychotherapy with ketamine - Insights from clinical experience
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