An Introduction to Intellectual Property
Wednesday, 23 November 2022
Duration: 45 Minutes
Euan Bowen, IP Australia

Your business has a wealth of intellectual property (IP). From the name on your door, to an innovative new process, there will be things that differentiate you from your competitors and colleagues and add value to your practice. And as your practice grows, so too will the importance of these intangible assets.

In this webinar, IP Australia present some practical information about the value of your IP, how to protect your business' IP and show you the tools and templates available to you to get your strategy right.

IP Australia Introduction – What they do
IP Australia is the Government agency that administers the intellectual property (IP) registrable rights in Australia. These include patents, designs, trade marks and plant breeder’s rights.??Their role is to inform about IP protection and the risks and benefits of holding one or more of these IP rights.?IP rights facilitate creativity, innovation, and the diffusion of ideas. They enable progress in science and technology, and support commercialisation by enabling the translation of knowledge creation into new products.

Our speakers for this webinar
Euan Bowen joined IP Australia in 2005 as a trade marks examiner. He has been a senior trade marks examiner, trade marks coach, Learning Community Leader, project SME, and is now a senior designs examiner and designs coach. He is also a geek Dad and Dad of geeks with a Masters in zombies, a love of gaming, and a surprisingly high level of enjoyment of running 5-10 km at a time.
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An Introduction to Intellectual Property
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